☺︎ about ☆

/// ...uploading art to the world wide web... gems and ceramics are now live online! ///

welcome to the simulation: a digital mood board, an intergalactic mini-mall, a roadside stand, a kiosk, a cyberspace pop-up, a wishlist, a net art installation, and a garden where you can pick a necklace and take it home.


☁︎ who? ☀︎

anna tregurtha. chaotic artist and aquarius. i make all sorts of stuff: ceramics, net art, drawings, necklaces, video art, clothes. this is the place where it lands.


♡ why? ✂︎

art should be available at accessible price points. everyone needs dreamy accessories + decorations for their home :-) products are one of a kind unless otherwise noted. 

i also want to raise money for causes that are important to me, which is why 100% of proceeds from selected items will go to support the cause listed. check out the donations section to see more. 


☊ where? ☋

dreamt up and made by hand in los angeles, california. 


☺︎ if you are interested in doing a collaboration or stocking products, please email petra.lemon.losangeles@gmail.com ✍︎